macOS install

On OSX you need to approve some permissions.

These will be asked when you run the installer

  • Step 1 download and accept
  • Step 2 Accept System Events
  • Step 3 It will ask to accept accessibility, so open System Preferences (by clicking on the button)
  • Step 4 Checkmark the VICREO-Listener
  • Step 5 Close System Preferences
  • Question 1
    Question 2

    The accessibility settings under newer versions of MacOS are now to find under "Privacy and Security"

    Settings 1
    macOS upgrade

    The license of the listener had been changed, because of this you might need to re-apply some settings

    There can be issues when there is a previous version installed. In the System Preferences uncheck the VICREO-Listener. After that, you would need to restart open System Preferences and check the VICREO-Listener again under accessibility.
    Settings 1
    Settings 2